A New Path


NewPath is an award winning production company. We pride ourselves on our loyal client base and the positive working relationships we have established. New creative ideas are something we bring to each project and we work hard to meet deadlines and budgets. Being unique is crucial today and we provide top end content for your brand, company or client.

Today, those fighting for a cause, struggle to find ways to create intense awareness and engagement. NewPath builds a bridge from your purpose to the public. Our thought-provoking films inspire and empower people, bringing us together as a community.

Creative Director Tom Acton is continually connecting your message and needs with the underlying emotion needed in each video or film. Whether you are a large corporation, not for profit or marketing agency, NewPath is there to bring life to your visual goals. Come take a NewPath…

Managed Media Contracts Now Available!

For large scale clients and corporations, NewPath can handle all of your video and photography production needs. Flexible month-to-month or yearly contracts allows our clients to receive discounted rates, consistent imagery throughout the year and priority bookings.

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Our Director

I founded NewPath Influence in early 2013, with a deep passion for connecting others through video and media. The time that has passed, is something I could only dream about. So much hard work with so many fantastic people. I have been lucky enough to produce award winning content throughout the world ranging from Tanzania, New York City and back home, in Calgary. NewPath will continue to deliver films that go beyond a simple story. We will find the soul of the project, your true purpose. This is what inspires and connects us all. I am fully dedicated to all my clients and immerse myself deeply in each project. Video is an amazing medium that can deliver intense emotion and create connections like no other. Every new project I take on brings excitement and energy to both myself and the client. I am not simply a vendor that works to complete a job. I will be your partner and I will strive to continually reach new limits in every future project. For those looking for top end productions, thoughtful processes, organization, and professionalism, with a fantastic creative team, NewPath Influence is here for you.

“Over the past year, I have had the great pleasure of working with Tom and his team at NewPath Influence on several film projects. Tom handled all cinematography, film direction and production. He is the most gifted person I have ever worked with in film direction, cinematography and video overall.  His work is brilliant. He consistently produces top-notch, award-winning work with everything he puts his hands to. Tom’s work is strategic, organized, fresh and thought-provoking.

Tom’s exceptional creative skills make him a stand out in the business. When I am looking to take an initial vision and turn it into effective and emotionally moving film or video production, the person I count on is Tom. NewPath Influence demands excellence in all they touch and it is evident in their work.

My experience in working with Tom from pre to post production rivals that of producers I have worked with across Canada and in New York.

He is also a really warm, genuine person who is engaging to work with and very motivating behind the scenes. Ultimately, he truly has an eye for a great product and message.

I highly recommend Tom and will to continue to work with him for many years.”

– Shari Fenn,  CEO Cross Communications


Dieselex Gold
Chop Steak House
Sagesse – Break Your Silence.
A Diamond In the Rough
Boys and Girls Clubs
Michi Pop-up
The Mustard Seed
Polaris Seismic
Animal. Enter The Cage
Universal Road Trip Series

“Tom, in regards to The Cage trailer.  I have a litmus test for gauging creative. It’s very simple. Did I get goosebumps? This trailer gave me goosebumps… It’s really, really, great!”
Phil Kim
Director of Marketing, Universal and Animal Supplements
“We are super excited over our new logo. It looks absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much for your hard work!”
Dione Irwin
Owner of Dione Irwin Real Estate
“I’ve said this many times before, Tom (NewPath) is the best in the industry. No one is doing what he is doing in the fitness community right now. He has taken my business to a new level.”
Tony Searle
Owner of Team TNT Pro
“To be honest I had no idea what making a website entailed, NewPath made the process extremely easy and smooth. I went from nothing to looking professional and that has made a huge difference for me.”
Connor Mooney
Owner of ConFuzion Catering
“Tom (NewPath) your work is so Good!!!! I am so happy to have you working with us.”
Holly Yuzwa
Director Sales and Marketing, ExecSuite Inc.