A Diamond In the Rough


This project was produced for The Mustard Seed in Calgary, AB.  Annually the Seed puts on a gala which raises significant funds for the non-profit.  In 2018, they wanted to take a new approach and create a video focused around the tagline of “Diamond In The Rough”.   Tom Acton of NewPath brought the idea of having a man, now out of homelessness reminiscing deeply upon going on to a city bus.  As he thinks back to his days as a homeless man he has flashbacks and see himself on the street.  As the video comes to an end, he snaps out of his flashbacks and sees a woman who is currently going through what he once overcame.  When everyone else on the bus is repulsed she is there, the main character is the only one who shows her compassion.  He was once a diamond in the rough and perhaps this woman will be the next…

Thank you to all the people down at the Mustard Seed for their help in this project.  Including the residents!  Also a big thanks to the City of Calgary for working with us to film on one of the city buses.

To help support the Mustard Seed and help them find the Diamonds in Rough please visit: theseed.ca

  • Writer, Director, Cinematography, Edit:  Tom Acton
  • Cinematography: Jay Lawrance
  • Makeup: Victoria McNair
  • PA: Mark Riddle
  • Sound Design: Brian Keenan




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