Polaris Seismic

Project:  Polaris Seismic Tanzania

Polaris Seismic is an international seismic company operating mainly in support of the oil, gas and mining resource sectors.  They have worked throughout the world and in some of the most viscous terrain.  This particular project was in Tanzania, Africa, specifically the Kilombero Valley.  It was a full two day drive into camp from Dar Es Salaam seeing many Lions, Elephants and Giraffes along the way.  Trust us in saying that if we can make it to this project site we can make it to yours!  Once there we stayed for a 10 day shoot living in the tented camp and traveling throughout their project site.  Most days were accompanied by an armed ranger and we used Land Rovers, boats and planes to reach the filming locations.  View the video below!

There were two videographers on site for this shoot using several dslr’s and a DJI Phantom drone for the aerial shots.  It was incredibly hot reaching temperatures of over 40° Celsius throughout the day.  Nonetheless our gear held up very well in the tough conditions, our body’s however needed a lot of water!  The clients wanted to show each process of their Seismic operations.  Going to each site, we interviewed the employees and captured them doing their work.  Many times this involved climbing up small cliffs, trekking through 10 foot tall grass and driving through rivers.  There was heavy duty travel involved for each shot so we needed to make our time count and in the end it turned out to the clients satisfaction.  They were very pleased with the final product have been using it for promotional purposes and at conventions.

  • Director: Tom Acton
  • A-cam: Tom Acton
  • B-cam: Dan Jardine
  • Sound: Dan Jardine
  • Editor: Tom Acton