Sagesse – Break Your Silence.



Sagesse – Break Your Silence.

Sagesse, is a non-for-profit organization, that through direct service, capacity building, education or advocacy, their job is to empower people, organizations and communities to break the cycle of domestic violence.  NewPath was tasked with creating a piece that focused on their new RealTalk campaign.  This campaign helps potential supporters of those facing domestic abuse or violence and provides them the tools to reach out and help.  Director Tom Acton focused this video around 3 individuals, in very different environments experiencing abuse in different ways. He used black and white powerful photography to quickly showcase what each victim was going through.  This was important for the client as they did not want to focus heavily on the negatives and rather the positives that can come from those reaching out and listening. In the end, after each supporter offers support to the victims, the viewer sees the positive impact one can make on another’s life.

For anyone facing domestic abuse please reach out to sagesse.org

Directed, Written and Edited by: Tom Acton
DOP: Noah Fallis
1st AC: Braden Dereniwski
Location Sound: Frank Russo
Photographer: Sebastian Buzzalino
Post Production Sound: Regan Kuemper
Grip: Mike Hopkins
VO: Kerry Campbell
Makeup: Amanda Toszer

Actors in order of appearance:
Heather Pattengale
Dawn Nagazina
Griffin Cork
Allan Carswell
Christi Dos Santos
Melanee Murray-Hunt
Chengis Javeri

A NewPath Influence Production

Shot on RED with Atlas Anamorphics