The Mustard Seed


The Mustard Seed is an amazing organization in Alberta. TMS helps meet the basic needs of shelter, food, clothing and acceptance for men and women experiencing poverty, and work with them to find sustainable housing and employment.  They are much more than just a homeless shelter.  The Mustard Seed approached NewPath to create some new content for their marketing.  They were wanting to focus on story telling and creating that emotional impact between the viewer and the residents.  NewPath came to the table with a complete solution for their team with a script, story board, location needs, hiring of actors and much more.  We made this process easy for the TMS team.

Initially NewPath was asked to create a video for their annual gala.  This gala raises thousands of dollars for the organization every year.  The video NewPath created was written and directed by Tom Acton and filmed with Jay Lawrance.  Justin Manyfingers, Jazmyn Znack and other real residents of the Mustard Seed are featured in the video.  Well known Canadian actor, Tom Jackson was nice enough to record the voice over with us as well.  The point here was to show the pain of being on the street but also the optimism this entire organization has for helping people.  It was intended to give a very real feeling to what goes on there and hopefully connect potential donors to the Seed.  Take a look at the gala video below.

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Hope Lingers

From there we have begun to create shorts on residents.  Almost like mini-documentaries on the people who are living there or have moved on from poverty.  We are currently filming these projects but here is the initial piece below.  It focuses on Shawn an incredibly positive man with incredible challenges in his life.  He is currently battling cancer for the second time; this time terminal.  When working with Shawn throughout the day one thing we really picked up on is just how negative we are to everyone around us.  It takes nothing at all to smile at someone, to ask how they are doing, yet we seem to never really do it.  It can make such a huge difference in anyone’s life, let alone some who is homeless, to acknowledge them and even perceive to care.  Next time you are in the grocery store, gas station, hockey game or anywhere, ask the person next to you how they are doing and smile.  It’s amazing the response you get back.

It’s been a pleasure working with the people down there and seeing their view points on life.  It truly does change you.  Stay tuned for more!

Meet Shawn

Meet Jay

Meet Tony

Meet Karon

Meet Andrew