Universal Road Trip Series


Universal Nutrition has been providing cutting edge and staple nutritional products to bodybuilders and hard training athletes the world over since 1977.  As with many other supplement manufacturers they sponsor top level professional bodybuilders, bikini and fitness models.  Every year they send some of their top athletes and brand reps out on a “Road Trip”.  During which, they visit some the best and most hardcore gyms in the world.  They also go to restaurants, tourist attractions and showcase the city or place they are in.

Previously, the Universal team shot this with their internal video team.  As their client base grew as did their online following and it became time to hire a professional videography crew.  Universal contacted us and wanted to take a new spin on their online Road Trip series.  We definitely took their Road Trip production to a new level and to date we have been to New York City, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa.  Check out one of the first from NYC below.

At the beginning it was filled with very busy days running back and forth from events with little planning.  We helped develop, with the Marketing team of Universal, a better strategy focusing on the work out routines, meal prep and general tips for bodybuilding rather than a complete randomized video.  As we shot more, the work certainly got better and the viewers have really appreciated it.  Overall most of these videos are completely shot in a run and gun style with no planning.  There really is no lighting equipment, no staged events and at times all handheld.  It is mainly focusing on the moment at hand, filming just as a documentary would do.

For this series we used 2 shooters.  Mainly one using a wide angle lens and another pulling in some tight shots throughout.  It can definitely be a challenge shooting these as usually there is only time for one shot and we are continuously shooting throughout the day.  When moving to the editing stage, there is a ton of footage to go through and we make sure each clip is looked through and cut down accordingly.  Universal launches these on their YouTube page and wanted to keep a balance of quality product and volume of work to release over several weeks.  Typically there are several episodes for each trip and always a custom motion graphic intro made for each trip.  Please check out the rest of series at the links below!

Texas Road Trip Playlist: https://youtu.be/FPqFkAEiHXc?list=PL_b2cq3u3qHz9TiFmYOR0mqpos5P2ymZO

New York City Road Trip Playlist: https://youtu.be/Zu0wWy78Zck?list=PL_b2cq3u3qHxa_HOvwXoru5Ngghkr1hoW

Canada Road Trip Playlist: https://youtu.be/dYb4cAMi4qo?list=PL_b2cq3u3qHxJ5-dbK0JmSUSPfWaJWP32