NEWPATH Influence provides Calgary’s premiere Real Estate photography and HD video tours. With over three years Real Estate experience, we have shot thousands of homes and have always had 100% positive reviews. We specialize in HDR photography and provide your photos within 24 hours, including complimentary Photoshop editing. A first-class photo makes a big impact, it attracts buyer’s interest and intrigues them to view your listing. It is a proven fact that professional photography helps sell property faster and at times above list price. The current viewing platform in todays market is online. It is a need, not a want, to showcase your listing the right way.



HDR stands for “High Dynamic Range” it means that the photo has a very wide range of light within it, showing the dark shadows and bright areas all in one shot.  In a nut-shell, you can see outside the windows and inside the windows within one photo.   Ever tried taking photos yourself and noticing that all the windows are totally white and blown out with light?  Not anymore with HDR.

Additional techniques we implement are managing appropriate space within the home, having consistent leveled shots, balanced vertical and horizontal lines, correct color temperature, contrast, sharpness, saturation and cropping.  It takes the proper expertise to understand how to effectively use these techniques to make the photo “pop” while maintaining a “natural” look.  Our photos will most definitely help you attract more potential buyers. 



NEWPATH photographers actually take seven shots per photo.  We then merge a series of darker to brighter shots to create a HDR final.  Look at this example of a fairly plain room to the left using only three shots.  Even with the basic styling of this bedroom, the HDR and editing techniques we use really makes the photo stand out.

After the photos have been processed into HDR we then go even further with digital editing techniques to enhance the color, sharpness and contrast of each photo.  This is what really separates us from the pack and provides the client with unique value specific to NEWPATH.  We create an amazing photo for each room of your listing while maintaining a realistic look of the home.

Many inexperienced photographers will use too much editing for HDR shots resulting in the house looking almost surreal.  We keep the look of the entire home enhanced but realistic with our editing techniques to pull potential buyers IN not push them away.


NEWPATH only uses the most elite cameras and lens’ available.  We shoot all of our Photography and Hi-def video tours on Canon 5D Mark III’s with only wide-angle Canon L series glass.  Canon L-series glass is the absolute top in the industry and will keep each image sharp all the way to the corners.  We shoot with the widest angled lenses without sacrificing a fish-eye effect.  This keeps the final product free of any warping that can occur.  Our Full-Frame cameras give the widest sensor size in the industry.  This allows each room to showcase it’s size and look spacious.  In addition, we only use high-end editing software and computers to process the final product.

Pairing this with our great eye for Real Estate photography means your photos are going to be the best they can be.


Many other companies will claim to offer “video tours”.  This many times is actually untrue as all you receive is a slide show of your existing photos.  That is not a video tour.  A true NEWPATH video tour is done using cinematic sliders, stabilizing gimbals and full 1080p HD video.  NEWPATH specializes in cinematography and we have the capabilities to provide you with a range of services from basic video tours to aerial drone footage.  We can customize a promotional film using our professional color grading, editing, sound design and style that fits the needs of your business.  We supply Calgary’s best Real Estate tours but we can also take on large-scale video productions. 

Our videos can make a big impact especially on on higher end homes.  Additionally, for self promotion a commercial can do the same!  Please contact us for more information


“Before using NEWPATH Influence for my listing I had zero showings. I contacted Tom Acton (owner) and after I uploaded the new photos I had immediate showings the next day and had multiple offers. Thank you so much!”
Pat West
“They look truly spectacular. We are very impressed, great work!”
Client of Ray Blanchette
Sutton CanWest
“Thanks for taking the great photos of the condo, I’m sure they will sell the place. The woman who did the photos last time was in the condo for about ten minutes and, although the photos were okay, they weren’t nearly as professional looking as these are.”
Client of Kathryn Libert-Scott
Royal LePage
“Hands down the best real estate photographer in Southern Alberta! The photos have a unique style that separates them from the pack.”
Paul Seib
Dion Irwin Real Estate
“I’ve noticed a huge difference in the volume of my business from using NewPath.”
Ray Blanchette
Sutton CanWest
“I tried doing my own photography, but it does not compare to the quality of NewPath. Each time I use them on a listing it makes a big difference!”
Peter Stathopoulos
“Thank you for the excellent pictures. You are awesome! Just for you to know – one home was c/s after 1st showing, and another home was c/s next day with 7 competitng offers and $20,000 above listing price! You make the difference!!!”
Tatiana Chalamova


  • CONSISTENCY. Homes are shot and edited by a single individual resulting in zero surprises with the same unique look for each home.
  • PERSONAL BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS. NewPath takes pride in building relationships between the Realtor and the photographer. You receive the same photographer each time that learns to understand your style.
  • LOCAL. Calgary based business with knowledge of the area the communities within it.
  • STATE OF THE ART EQUIPMENT. The best gear and we know how to use it
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. We have never had a negative experience with our product, ever.
  • COMPETITIVE PRICING. You know what your paying consistently for every home. This provides no arguments for square footage, features, etc…
  • INNOVATION. Our name stands for exactly that: Stop doing the norm, take a New Path and Influence future clients to choose you.

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