Diamond In the Rough.

Each year The Mustard Seed, a not-for-profit located throughout Alberta, has a large fundraising gala. The Mustard Seed has been serving people experiencing poverty and homelessness in Alberta since the ‘80s. They needed some assistance in creating a video that told a story and emotionally connected their donors to The Mustard Seed.  The theme for the year was “Diamond In The Rough”.  Their marketing team asked NewPath to develop the creative surrounding someone who has come out of homelessness and has changed his/her life in positive way.  Director Tom Acton developed this idea of a man getting on his daily bus ride and having visual flashbacks to the man he once was.  Our main character sees himself homeless and in despair, to receiving help from a mustard seed employee and then finally going back to work for the first time.  In the end, he sees a homeless woman enter the bus.  She is clearly in trouble and everyone else on the bus moves away from her. Our character, understanding fully what this is like, reaches out to her. “Sometimes an act of kindness and recognition is all people need. Help find a Diamond In The Rough”

Special thanks goes out to City Of Calgary for the use of their bus for the day!

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Tom Acton


Tom Acton