The Mustard Seed has been caring for men, women, and children experiencing homelessness and poverty since 1984. They provide a haven where we support they whole person – physical, mental, and spiritual – through delivering basic services, housing, health and wellness services, employment programs, and spiritual care.  This video focused on Legacy Giving, which is essentially donating some of your wealth, stocks, RRSP’s, etc. in your will to charity.


It was important for the client to highlight many different types of people and show that any amount donated can go directly to giving someone a second, or even a first chance, at life. It is rewarding for the NewPath team to go down to the Mustard Seed and see some of the great people there we’ve met who have pulled themselves out of homelessness.  Special thanks to volunteers in this video, Nathan Brummitt, Thomas Sharuga and Paradise Landscape.

release date:


Directed, Written, Produced and Edited by:

Tom Acton


Braden Dereniwski


Melanee Murray Hunt, Cesar Salvater Jr., Nathan Brummitt