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Creative Excellence Partnership

Creative Excellence Partnership: Where Innovation Meets Expertise

Unlimited production for a simple monthly fee.

Unlock the full potential of your brand with NewPath Influence’s Creative Excellence Partnership (CEP) and our Entry Points program, offering unlimited creative production through a flexible, tiered approach. CEP, our flagship subscription service, grants comprehensive access to our award-winning expertise in filmmaking, including everything from corporate projects to dynamic commercials. It’s designed not just to provide services, but to elevate your brand’s narrative to new heights of excellence.

For those at the start of their creative journey or looking for less commitment, our Entry Points program offers a gateway to high-quality production and creative development. This tiered model allows you to engage with our services at a level that suits your current needs, with the option to scale up as your projects grow. Both programs are built on the foundation of trust and collaboration, ensuring that we work closely with you at every step to turn your vision into reality.

With CEP and Entry Points, you’re not just signing up for a service; you’re gaining a partner ready to push creative boundaries. Start with us today and explore the endless possibilities of influencing your market, all under a structured monthly subscription that fits your brand’s evolving story.

The Current Quandary: Piecemeal Solutions with Unresolved Challenges

Navigating through different suppliers often results in a lack of standardized quality, leaving companies struggling to maintain a cohesive brand image. Negotiating pricing for each project becomes an ongoing challenge, leading to budgetary constraints and inconsistencies. The time invested in managing this intricate web of suppliers becomes a bottleneck, diverting attention from core business objectives.

The NewPath Influence Solution: Creative Excellence Partnership (CEP)


Unmatched Quality, Standardized Across Every Project: CEP ensures unwavering quality in every video production, photography session, and creative development project. Say goodbye to the frustration of dealing with varied standards—our partnership guarantees a consistent and exceptional brand representation.

Negotiation-Free, Transparent Pricing: Embrace transparent and predictable budgeting with CEP’s subscription-based model. No more protracted negotiations with different suppliers. Enjoy the flexibility of unlimited access to video production, photography, and creative development services for a fixed monthly fee, empowering you to plan and allocate resources strategically.

Time Liberation for Strategic Focus: CEP liberates your team from the time-consuming task of managing multiple suppliers. With a single point of contact and a dedicated team, your internal resources can redirect their focus towards strategic initiatives, leaving the orchestration of creative projects in expert hands.

Agility and Scalability on Demand: Benefit from the agility to scale your creative projects without the headaches of finding new suppliers. CEP adapts to your evolving needs, offering turnarounds in as little as 24-48 hours, ensuring you can seize opportunities promptly.

Efficiency Unleashed, Revenue Amplified: With a standardized and efficient approach to creative production, your business can unlock new revenue streams. Save both time and money by harnessing NewPath Influence’s expertise for projects of any size—strategic, production-driven, or a harmonious blend of both.

Join the Creative Revolution: Elevate Your Brand with CEP

In a landscape where creativity is the currency of success, CEP by NewPath Influence emerges as the beacon of efficiency, quality, and strategic focus. Sign up for our monthly subscription and gain unlimited access to video production, photography, and creative development services. Embrace a transformative partnership that not only meets but exceeds your creative needs, ensuring your brand stands out with distinction in every project. Unlock the full potential of your brand narrative with CEP—where excellence meets creativity, and success follows suit.

Easy, Enjoyable, and Trustworthy Collaboration:

At NewPath Influence, we take pride not only in our creative achievements but also in being easy and enjoyable to work with. We value the development of robust relationships with our clients, understanding that trust is paramount in the realm of creative endeavors. Our collaborative approach ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience, fostering a partnership that goes beyond mere transactions.

Unlocking Your Brand’s Potential:

In the world of creative work, trust is the bedrock of successful collaborations. NewPath Influence emerges as a reliable partner, accessible at the tip of your fingers, ready to bring your vision to life at any moment. Our commitment to daily accessibility and unwavering support unlocks your potential to tell your story and influence your marketplace in profound ways. The Creative Excellence Partnership is not just a subscription; it’s a key to unlocking the full potential of your brand narrative.

The CEP Way

We act as an extension of your team, seamlessly integrating into your workflows. Our subscription model eliminates the time-consuming budget approval process and back-and-forth with executives. Your dedicated team adheres to your brand guidelines, from colors to tone of voice, ensuring a streamlined and efficient collaboration. Regular meetings with your main point of contact allow us to understand your wants and needs, adding or removing capabilities not often seen in traditional agency video production.

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