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Our Productions.

TV Commercials.

NewPath's commercials have appeared on CBC, Sportsnet, Global and CTV. NewPath can handle both local and national broadcasted pieces.


Short films are a specialty of NewPath. From initial scripts to final production. Full length features currently in development.


NewPath has filmed documentaries throughout the world. We welcome any opportunity to engage with new purposeful stories.

Corporate films, commercials and informational pieces are a staple of NewPath. Contact use to learn more about our Managed Media plans.

more of our work.


the connection.

Think about the best film you ever saw in theaters. Did you leave saying 'I love the dialogue at the 03:11 mark in scene 7'? We would bet you did not. However, almost always we can remember how it made us Feel. The difference between a good video and an incredible one, is that it connects the viewer emotionally to your product, organization or company. Whether we like it or not, our immediate emotional reaction comes first, then we begin to think rationally.


the bridge.

So the emotion is the hook. Without it, you can never get your viewer to think deeper about your purpose and story. It can be very difficult to condense all the layers of your business into a video but have no fear. NewPath is Award Winning at taking your vision, details and clearly connecting the viewer to your purpose. We can assist in ideation from the ground up or refine your ideas into a powerful, inspirational and clear message on screen.


the best on board.

'That's sounds great but how can I know you will deliver and do so within my budget?' - We have developed long term relationships with our clients. We have that because we heavily value communication and professionalism. Aligning with your budget, we will bring the absolute best to your project from crew to gear. Our intention is to create award winning content at every step for our clients. NewPath has demonstrated time and after time, the personnel and the creativity to deliver results.

Tell us your idea. Let us pitch you.

You know what you want, but not sure how to get there.

Let us provide you a path forward with unyielding dedication to your purpose.

    the process.

    I am ready to take a New Path. I am ready to tell my true story. I am ready to be wowed. I am ready to create an intense emotional connection with my customers. I am ready to build my Influence.

    "This trailer gave me goosebumps..."

    Tom, in regards to The Cage trailer. I have litmus test for gauging creative. It's very simple. Did it give me goosebumps? This trailer gave me goosebumps.... It's really, really, great!

    Phil Kim Director of Marketing, Animal Supplements

    "our work together resulted in a nationally-recognized, award-winning video"

    I always welcome an opportunity to work with NewPath Influence and Tom Acton. Ever the consummate professional, Tom uses a creative and collaborative approach to his professional projects. He’s willing to test boundaries and explore different scenarios with his clients in order to ultimately arrive at the best possible solution. Luckily in my experience, the outcome of our work together resulted in a nationally-recognized, award-winning video for which I was grateful and proud to be a part of. I highly recommend working with NewPath Influence.

    Tracey Feist Director, Corporate Affairs

    "He is the most gifted person I have ever worked with in film direction, cinematography and video overall."

    Over the past two years, I have had the great pleasure of working with Tom and his team at NewPath Influence on several film projects. Tom handled all cinematography, film direction and production. He is the most gifted person I have ever worked with in film direction, cinematography and video overall. His work is brilliant. He consistently produces top-notch, award-winning work with everything he puts his hands to. Tom’s work is strategic, organized, fresh and thought-provoking. Tom's exceptional creative skills make him a stand out in the business. When I am looking to take an initial vision and turn it into effective and emotionally moving film or video production, Tom is the person I can count on. Tom and his company, NewPath Influence, demands excellence in all they touch and it is evident in their work. My experience in working with Tom from pre to post production rivals that of producers I have worked with across Canada and in New York and LA. He is a warm, genuine person who is engaging to work with and very motivating behind the scenes. Ultimately, he truly has an eye for a great product and message. I highly recommend Tom and will to continue to work with him for many years.

    Shari Fenn Marketing Director