NewPath was tasked with creating a 30 and 15 second spot for TV featuring the new premium diesel offering from UFA.  The commercial was shot over several days in southern AB near Longview using a crane car.  Special thanks goes out to Stingray Express for the Semi!  This TV commercial is playing on Rogers Sportsnet during the 2021 NHL playoffs and MLB season and as such, we wanted to keep the intensity high both visually and with sound design.  The ask from UFA was to ensure that spot clearly showed a “hero” semi truck out-lasting the competition and getting more power by using Dieselex Fuel.  Dieselex Gold is offered exclusively by UFA and now available at over 60 cardlocks locations throughout Alberta.

Producer, Director, Editor

Tom Acton


Braden Dereniwski


Charles Hamilton

Crane Car

Blackhouse Cinema


Steven Seale

Post Production Sound

Regan Kuemper


Mark Riddle