SP Kenya Water Projects.

What an adventure it was traveling throughout Kenya. NewPath had the pleasure of meeting several communities and people, in places usually no tourist would ever see.  Samaritan’s Purse Canada partnered with us to create a series of documentaries focused on water and hygiene. It is remarkable to see the struggles many go through in the world just to receive clean drinking water.  Through an innovative and simple product called the BioSand Filter households and communities have access to filtered and safe water. Each video had a separate focus – schools and the dreams of it’s children, developing hygiene in the local community and solving water scarcity. It was an honor to be welcomed into these local communities with huge smiles on their faces and openness to have us into their homes. Special thanks goes out to Eunice, Paul, Sharon and their families.

release date:


director and cinematographer:

Tom Acton

creative development:

Tom Acton

post production sound:

Regan Kuemper