Close The Divide is 90 minute feature documentary that recently premiered at CIFF (Calgary International Film Festival). This was a NewPath Influence and DDG led production and Directed and Produced by Tom Acton. The films website is here!


There is mass confusion in the world relating to climate change. A growing gap between reality and perception has created viewpoints often based on emotion rather than fact.

Can we conquer climate change?

Human beings are facing a problem that requires a solution more complex than taking one side. Society’s use of energy is a profound story. It transcends far beyond the boundaries of one region. The conflict between our need for fuels and our need to reduce human impact is filled with strong emotions including anger, lies, greed and divisiveness. Close The Divide challenges viewers to examine preconceived notions, discussing innate, tribal psychology.

How can we move forward in a positive way to fuel the world while respecting the environment? We must build understanding between opposing viewpoints. We must Close The Divide.


Director’s Statement:

“I am very interested in the current climate discourse, right vs left, young vs old and why it is seemingly fostering both a catastrophic future view for our planet, and also an increase in polarization. However the more I read on the subject, there seems to be incredible progress starting throughout the world and we seem to be blinded to these potential advancements by our biases.

Additionally, I have been puzzled by the growing amount of confirmation bias and tribalism in society. Today it seems people expect simple, black and white answers. Answers often found with a quick “Google.” Our planet’s future and all living creatures on earth cannot be defined with a simple right or wrong answer; we must contextualize the solutions. Our world has, is, and always will be complex and uncertain. I believe that this ever-growing debate creates an illusion of control in some sense. Opinion seems to become fact. People tend to justify their own opinion and operate with blinders to contradictory information. This mindset, I believe, is an incredibly important part of this debate surrounding the climate crisis.

Here is the big question: How do we unlock action on climate change? I think it starts with us, perspective and being able to understand and communicate with your perceived enemy.”

– Tom Acton


Full Cast and Crew list here.