During COVID, we had to get creative in shooting our projects! This project used a variety of different footage including zoom calls to piece together a 30 minute documentary. Gordie Howe Cares, a non-profit who developed and launched an online engagement tool and community application for caregivers of those with Alzheimer’s, wanted to create a project featuring ex-nhlers for fundraising. The goal was to chat with these pros about their best ever NHL memories and have the audience get to re-live them. At the end, we then surprise them in asking them how they would feel if these memories were erased forever?  The reactions were priceless.

Thank you to the team at Gordie Howe Cares for bringing us in for this project and to support those dealing with Alzheimer’s. Big thanks to Mark Howe, Todd Bertuzzi, Brad May, Jeremy Roenick, Matthew Barnaby, Robyn Regehr, Perry Berezan and Wayne McBean.